Pants On Fire

Poem by Nathan Collesseum

Artwork by Kafe

About the Artist

They enjoy veganism, fostering cats, esoteric podcasts, longboarding, drum & bass, cartoons and supernatural horror movies. Their favorite tattoo is a chicken in air force 1’s. 

Given name Marina, taken name Mars. Their artist name is Kafe, pronounced “Kay-F” its Zimbabwean slang for Fake. For years they struggled to feel like a real artist because they were self taught, until they decided to fully embrace the feeling and become Fake. 

They’ve been drawing as far back as they can remember. No piece of paper was safe. They’d started tattooing 6 years ago but went back to the drawing board to properly develop a unique art style, now they’re back and weirder than ever. Their artstyle is a mix of nostalgic cartoons, pop surrealist influences and cheeky references sprinkled in for those in the know. 

About the Author

Nathan Keller started year thirty chasing that undone novel in the beautiful valley in Oregon.  Peter Stocking appeared  at Nathan’s  26th Street rabbit warren to take him up Mary’s Peak, to the cabin by the mouth of the River Mary.   There, between the rutting elk halloos,  over lentils and bread, with visiting high-waisted modernists, he wrote that book :–_ It’s Smashed Fruit With No_Company Like_Sotitude.   

Next it came about that you can write on anything.  Wrote the next one under the lean to that Batman built in Hundred Acre Woods off of Chasm County Road, Corvallis. Katherine Harrison starred in that one, book, beginning “She came the fall descending…”.   Seminal text,  surely,  rendered in a tent on a Smith Corona.   

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