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If You’ll Only Let Me

This pairing of poetry and artwork feels like Shel Silverstein for grown ups.

Poem by Charlotte Amelia Poe
Illustration by by Jesse Davis Karshner

If You’ll Only Let Me

i want to write you a housefire

i want to destroy your childhood

i want to burn the photographs

that show you gaptoothed and smiling

you know how they’re all sepia and purpled now

like they’ve bruised in the sun

i’m listening to the way you play your acoustic guitar

and i hate the way you twist your fingers to find the chords

i hum along to the music and i wish i could be your arsonist

i could be the prettiest disaster in the world

if you’d only let me

let me strike the match, baby

i’m begging on my knees, scraped up on the concrete

willing destructor 






About the Poet

Charlotte Amelia Poe (they/them) is an autistic nonbinary author from England. Their first book, How To Be Autistic, was published in 2019. Their debut novel, The Language Of Dead Flowers, was published in September 2022.

About the Artist

Jesse Davis Karshner is a California artist and a member of The Cream Scene Team, working in the Art Department.