Feeling For The Trickster

This Sunday’s Punk Rock Gospel has some sympathy for Satan.

Written by Dia VanGunten
Painting by Stano Grezdo


About the Artist

Stano Grezdo was born in 1972 in Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia). He studied at The Graphic School of Bratislava, 1986 – 1991, working as a printing press operator and study the history of printing. As the revolution progressed, Grezdo was exposed to a spectrum of printed propaganda and protest through his work at the printing press. Grezdo moved to the U.S., carrying the themes of Soviet propaganda, nationalism, and catholicism that surrounded his life in Czechoslovakia. Those themes and the related symbols emerged as the foundation of his own aesthetic.

About the Author

Dia VanGunten explores overlaps between genres, between poetry and prose, between the real and the magical. Her current fiction project is Pink Zombie Rose.

Dia is the founder of Cream Scene Carnival and the OG carnie.

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