War Diary

Crime, grime, and biting queer commentary are joined by a metatextual commentary on the fiction genres of crime and horror.

Art by Kafe
Story by The Maenad
Bella: down on her luck prostitute and an amateur PI who is a mother figure to mouse, having taken Mouse in as a child.
Mouse: a bitter young revolutionary.
Karly: a hallucinating vampire elder who may also be an angel.  

Mousekateer War Diary 

Friend – one who has not yet bailed on, betrayed you, or otherwise fucked you over.  

In future, continue trying to avoid having such filth around. Keep your company to honest folk – whores and cucks. 

Cuck – literally everyone else. 

Every day, Mr. Rat, the revolution gets buck wild.

April 11th or even onto maybe the 18th

Cut all the neighbor’s cable lines again; third time this spring.  The cable company seems not to have noticed.   (Liberating perceptions may not truly be affected but freedom from the tube process can’t be bad.)

Repetition of system failures undermines confidence in system elements and the system itself.

Note to self – find a pawn shop that will take all the satellite dishes you nicked over the winter. They are taking up too much space and one of them has something lingering. 

Best not to contemplate such matters.

April 15, Idles –

sold off the excess roadwork uniforms and the hard hat. I shall not need them again for a while.   We now have a good map of the local community and under-city connectors. I may fake my way through being an electrician yet. 

New toilet plunger

Break in half, drive the pointy end into the target, hard, thumb on stumb to guide your shot.   Put your weight into it.


The instep remains exposed to attack by your heel even in bare feet.   A solid straight arm blow to your attacker’s under-jaw (aim for the ear and miss) will fuck them up and stun them long enough for you to bring more belligerent arms to bear. 

Remember:  left-right, tangle < box

Protect all girls, other children and women first. You are an expendable soldier.

Kill Whitey 

To do list

Box of nails

New hammer

Blank 24 x 36 construction peper, 152

Tell the army doc I’m taking my meds.

Need a new saw, the teeth on the old one have gone sideways

36 ct more condoms

Big tank of borax

New metal bucket, minimum 16” across, ideal 26” good hinge, reinforced handle

36 ct wine coolers




Ultralarge trash bags



Roach Spray 





Bail fund for Belledonna $$$


Rodents, whores, and angels, we are all soldiers.

All called.   

About the Artist

They enjoy veganism, fostering cats, esoteric podcasts, longboarding, drum & bass, cartoons and supernatural horror movies. Their favorite tattoo is a chicken in air force 1’s. 

Given name Marina, taken name Mars. Their artist name is Kafe, pronounced “Kay-F” its Zimbabwean slang for Fake. For years they struggled to feel like a real artist because they were self taught, until they decided to fully embrace the feeling and become Fake. 

They’ve been drawing as far back as they can remember. No piece of paper was safe. They’d started tattooing 6 years ago but went back to the drawing board to properly develop a unique art style, now they’re back and weirder than ever. Their artstyle is a mix of nostalgic cartoons, pop surrealist influences and cheeky references sprinkled in for those in the know. 

About the Author

The Maenad is a long lost LA girl, a six foot one blonde, towering over the Seattle skyline. Active and out since the very early 90s, Sex worker, off and on since the mid 1990s, though she didn’t transition until the mid 00s. (Sex work, as a boy, in Texas, in the 90s was easier but less fulfilling)

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