The Silly Cartoon

Sky’s song grew from his sister’s adolescent poem, but when did they realize they’d created an eerie recollection of life with their father?

Music By Schuyler VanGunten
(Lyrics are an early poem by his sister)

Silly Cartoon

Well, I ran away with a silly cartoon, and it was a blast, but we only got about a mile and a half. Steam rollers laid him flat and we had to inflate him again.

My friend, he was like a candle, but he was burning at both ends.

He’d laugh in my face, til he melted away, he was a scream, yea, a real Walt Disney dream. And he could juggle sticks of dynamite, yea, it was really a thrill.

My friend, he was a loon, he’d leave a tip, but he wouldn’t pay the bill.

Silly Cartoon, yea, he was a riot, he would scoff, he’d say, You ain’t hated it until you tried it. Sometimes, on Tuesdays, we forgot our brains, just wandering a suburban maze, mumbling lines to Shakespeare’s plays.

And I really loved the silly cartoon, yea, he was a blast.

But he drove us so fast, we crashed.

About The Artist

Pancake Pie 360 is everybody.

They are you or I.

But not me.

Is it you?

About The Musician

Schuyler VanGunten was born in Toledo, Ohio and has 5 siblings.

Sky studied music and now works as a sound engineer in Santa Fe, where he is happily married to his high-school sweetheart. He is the father of three children: Millie, Paul & Casper.

When Sky was just a tot, he saw a samurai creep across his wall.

About The Poet / Sis

Teenage Dia only had 1989 hair this one time, on picture day, because Tina Penrod came over before school with her curling iron.

Adult Dia is the EiC of Cream Scene Carnival and the unhinged writer behind the Pink Zombie Rose series.

2 responses to “The Silly Cartoon”

  1. Nathan keller Avatar
    Nathan keller

    Yup it is me. Car toons are my favorite coupla rollas. You gotcher canned heat sunshine album. Guess who the gassed whozzits. And whut. Grand funk railroad i bellowed out my car window from the cabin of a dual 8 Industrial or sometheeng they called the painters van i lived in until quit driving in the febr of year 2000. You are welcome. For nothing as we say in Toldyeso Ohio thank you for nothing.

  2. Nathan keller Avatar

    This poem is hot. I am redrawing a muffler pipe super villain from when i was an 8 old. Flying robot pointed aerofoil needle pointing upright for a face no legs arms just flaming jets of fuel. Waiting for his evil name to claw its single fang to consciousness. In Shakespeare meanwhile, everything drips. Where we experience trouble in a different way that we conflict with nature. I donot know more an Atlantic storm furioso?

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