Feeling all Bill Nigh, the High Guy, Frank wonders if skunky weed contains the same chemical compounds as a skunk’s spray.

Spoiler, it does.

Written by FR Anderson
Illustrated by Sean Kirkpatrick


I caught a whiff of the rumor in an article talking about the skunky cannabis smell and sulphur. The discovery has me feelings all Bill High The Science Dude. So I hope this information is enlightening and entertaining. Take this information and spread its truth.

Most of us who partake in cannabis enjoy the smell of fully matured cannabis flower. Part of the good sniffs are the terpinoids that have become the topic of many discussions. The more fruity than. The more citrus than. The more woodsy than aspect of the specific cultivars. In addition to these smelly aspects, another scent is common to all flower. That skunky smell.

A research team led by Dr lain Oswald PhD wanted to know exactly what caused the skunky odor. Historically, this smell was thought to be partially due to the combination of terps, myrcene and caryophyllene.

Oswald suspected that the flowers contained Volatile Sulphur Compound’s. What are VSCS? They are the same compounds a startled skunk releases. The compounds also show up in the flavors of garlic and hops. VSCS are so strong that even the smallest amounts can make a whole lotta stink.

Sure enough Oswald and his team found lots of different VSCS floating around cannabis flower. Primary contributor was 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol orVSC3. Also this team discovered cannabis has VSCS that have NEVER been observed in nature. Further research may show that the stink bombs are good for you too! Diallyl disulfide, a major bioactive VSC of garlic, has several beneficial biological functions, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, cardiovascular protective, neuroprotective, and anticancer. The same may hold out for VSC3 too. Does this mean growers will be seeking out genetics in the future with elevated levels of VSCS creating skunkier and skunkier flower?

About the Author

FR Anderson II is a self-described “neo-hedonist” and member of The Satanic Temple. His favourite XXX-Mas movie is The Barely Legal B*tch Who Stole Christmas.

About the Artist

Sean Kirkpatrick is an Australian artist and creator of comics such as “Baddies,” as well as the short graphic novel “The Days.” This piece was a collaboration between the artist and a spilled cup of joe.

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    FR Anderson II

    Sean. First time for me reading this. I’m always a hesitant to read my stuff. I want to state your art for this is Dope! Pun intended. Thanx for turning my sows ear into a silk purse.

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