Queen of Cut Fingers

If I’m lucky, the scar will heal cool, enough to blame it on a small creature of magic.

poem by Charlie Cole
Art by Maressa Axtmann

The Queen of Cut Fingers

At any given moment I’ll have, at least, 3 fingers bandaged
Dressed in blood, sanitized by fifths of alcohol and never far
away from the Neosporin
Knives, cans, and clumsiness haunt me with their sharp edges
and attention that lacks. I fumble to button clothes or open the
door without fear of reinjury and running to savior sinks
1 cut, 2 cuts, 3 cuts me
Always attending to some fresh dermal redesign
If I’m lucky the scar will heal cool, enough for me to
blame it on a particularly small creature of
For why else would this keep happening?
If I were not some ancient Goddess of slight slices?
The Patron Saint of Miniature Maiming?
The sacrifice upon these fingertips secures my rightful claim
to such titles. Another band-aid required, none for my ego,

About the Author

Always lost in thought, Charlie Cole became really good at wringing the juice of her imagination and decided it was better to stay there. So, now she is on a crusade to turn reality into one all about art and the appreciation of and participation in that. 

About the Artist

Maresa Axtmann is a German artist who works primarily is collage. She is a member of the Cream Scene Team, as part of our Art Department.

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