I Love My Poison

It kills the pain. At least for a while.

Story by Mary Knott
Art by Beppi

About the Artists

Mary Knott & Beppi are sisters who originally hail from a small town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. When they were able to, they escaped. Both of them ended up in Baltimore City. Mary Knott is a prolific writer; her work has been published in a variety of places, and she has done spoken word performances in venues all over. Beppi is an accomplished artist, showing in galleries, doing commissions, and various illustration jobs. They pooled their talents to make comics decades ago. Their combined efforts have appeared in numerous anthologies around the world, as well as their self-published Pretty Beaver series. They laugh together all the time.

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  1. Gary Mark Bernstein

    A piece of modern Art, not quite a collage, a comic book that is brilliantly concise, an illustrated poem of a sharp focus and a possible irony of an ambiguous habit that some might consider sad. Even a slight allusion to the brilliant work of Lewis Carroll. So many dimensions. Add music and a great vocalization and I’m sure you will have a top 40 hit as well.

    Many writers and artists have to beat the bushes for a long time looking for a suitable collaborator, but it looks like you guys were handled yours on a platter.

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