Ghoul In Bed

Sophia Lucia returns – with roses.

A collaboration between Sophia Lucia and photographer, Dorothee Sarah.

See Suitcase Circus, a second series by Sophia Lucia & Dorothee Sarah; or Bearded Lady, a punk gospel featuring Lucia’s song (Freak Show Cabaret.)

About Sophia Lucia

Sophia Lucia is an experimental writer, performer, and musician. She is based out of Chicago & Paris. She makes conversational and surrealistic Punk-Cabaret/Rock & Roll Americana music. She writes and produces a one-woman show entitled, ‘Freak Show Cabaret!’ which is a variety show of theatre, poetry, dance, performance art, music, and miscellaneous etcetera. 

About Dorothee Sarah

Dorothee Sarah is a photographer based out of Montreuil, France. She works with and develops analog film, including cyanotypes. 

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