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Does AI have potential in the field of fashion design? Let’s look to Valentina Carcupino’s work & words.

AI fashion by Khoella Archive

Does AI have Style?

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We’ve seen some AI fashion that was special, some sweaters that were stunning, but no one is pulling off this editorial look like you are. Why do you think you’re achieving this while others fail?

I think what I might have that makes my works stand out is that I mix various skills; I have a background in fine arts studies, painting and set design, also I’ve been working for years as a costume designer for TV ads, tv and cinema.

How important is wearability to you?

Very important. In fact I’m doing quite a selection of the images that get generated, and only very few make it to my IG. One one of the variables I’m using in the selection process is wearability, if something doesn’t “fit,” or doesn’t make sense in the physical world, it doesn’t get published.

I’m not interested in publishing things just because they look cool (and even less interested in weird or crazy stuff.)

Do you have a lot of fails?

No, I wouldn’t say so. I almost always get quite good results.

Are you putting yourself into these imaginary editorial worlds?

Yes, quite often.

My face is quite androgynous, and it works well as a model for the AI.

Do you expect this tool to influence fashion and the other spheres you’ve worked in?

I think it will be such a revolution.

The starting point (for the time being) is still the human mind, but it’s such an enhancer, and it gives you a huge amount of ideas, and suggestions you’d never thought of. And in no time, and at extremely low cost.

What potential do you see?

AI is a great opportunity, for those who are not afraid of change, for those who are willing to expand their own creative potential at almost no cost; think of the infinite locations, or props, or light settings you can play with without leaving your desk… you can use it to refine and rehearse a real world project.

It will change fashion, commercial photography, adverting…

just as personal computers transformed music.

You’ll be seeing more of Valentina Carcupino, including, but not limited to, an upcoming Valentine’s Day release.
In a full-on fashion editorial by Khoella Archive, things get dystopian, but the fashion is bangin.

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