Anything But Love Songs

When hitching a ride, it’s ass, gas or grass…

But Chris brought a playlist.

Anything But Love Songs

 At various points in life, I’ve had this thought: “I wonder what it would be like to just drop everything and join a traveling carnival.”  I assume it would be highly interesting and entertaining…possibly.  At the very least, it would definitely be memorable.  My desire to find out the answer to that never quite outweighed my desire to not drop everything, but I still find myself wondering from time to time.  So when the Cream Scene Carnival came to town, I figured this would be a low risk opportunity to scratch that itch, and I asked if I could hitch a ride.  They said yes.  So as I type this, I’m the new new guy on board; I don’t really know anyone and I don’t know where we’re headed, but I’m looking forward to the journey nonetheless. 

Hey. What’s up?  I’m Chris, the new guy. 

Whenever I’m in a new environment, I’ve found that a good way to break the ice is to see what kind of music everyone is into, and so I thought it’d be a good idea to make a playlist as sort of an introductory submission.  

I was discussing theme ideas with Dia, something Valentine’s related, and I said to her something along the lines of, “Although they’re not necessarily my favorite, maybe the theme could be love songs?” She suggested the great idea of Anything but Love Songs.  “Easy”, I thought.  But what I discovered, through the process of accumulating these songs, is that I am way more into love songs than I thought.  Which is fine.  It’s just that I didn’t realize how many of my favorite songs are blatantly about love.  For example, I really wanted to include “Pitch the Baby” by Cocteau Twins, but then I remembered that the chorus is literally “I only want to love you” repeated over and over again.  

Although, can you blame me?  

Who can really understand what Elizabeth Fraser is ever singing anyway?  

So here it is, a small snippet of songs that I like; my heavily edited playlist of songs whose only common thread is that they’re not talkin’ about love.  Hopefully you’ll dig it.  

So, what kind of music are y’all into?

About The Artist

Chris is a graphic designer and visual artist who resides in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  He enjoys living a mostly hermitic lifestyle with his family while striving to perfect a range of visual art techniques, honing his culinary skills, and chasing the heels of technological advancements.  His current interests include 3D design, animation, AI technology, and puppet making at the behest of his oldest child.

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  1. Nathan keller Avatar
    Nathan keller

    On time. Shiit. I just brought th3 wibe to Baron Saturday. In my building name of Rozelle but he is a Nozelle. Typical poet suffering Hole on his head says I am tired of Klinger. So I ay along 8 say yeah t ha t ain’t sweet . It is not a job you do it for yourself and this isn’t either Jersey or Tejas so bury all that. To whic h3 says I will bury you. I fucking left r then. A father. All those good old gold American cheeseburgers years 9f mer entry weed selling. And he says he loves me. But he only wants a prison fuck. Love? Forget about it.

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