Sticker Craze Halter Top

Kafe makes Cream Scene Carnival a special Valentine’s Version of their sticker halter.

The top was inspired by those first high school crushes. The butterflies in your stomach as you write their name in your diary. In my case, with glitter pens and accompanying pink stickers. 

Be the cutest valentine at the Valentine’s Party.

You’ll need:

Sturdy plastic, available by the yard.

2 different thicknesses of ribbons to lace it all together. 

Glitter & glue. Elmers is fine.

Stickers, go puffy, go metallic, go crazy!

Plenty of plastic n’ lotsa stickers!

Cut 2 heart shaped pieces of plastic.

Choose a size of heart that feels most comfortable for you.

Sooo cute! On all sizes!

Using double plastic, sandwich the stickers & glitter in the middle, between the two layers, to extend the lifespan of the top and to reinforce the back straps. It will keep the stickers & glitter in place.

With the ribbon, thread a lightning bolt shape in the center of the heart, to create a broken heart effect.

Leave excess ribbon to provide you with the halter strings.

Pause to appreciate the SPARKLES.

Strategically place stickers around the bolt, for extra cover. Place glue and glitter between the stickers.  Allow glue to dry before proceeding.

Thread the smaller ribbon around the edges of the plastic heart.

Tip: Use a permanent marker to dot where you want the back straps to lace up with the larger ribbon as a corset.

A larger ribbon provides a nice contrast to the smaller ribbon around the edges. I suggest using two different colors to heighten this effect.

About the Artist

They enjoy veganism, fostering cats, esoteric podcasts, longboarding, drum & bass, cartoons and supernatural horror movies. Their favorite tattoo is a chicken in air force 1’s. 

Given name Marina, taken name Mars. Their artist name is Kafe, pronounced “Kay-F” its Zimbabwean slang for Fake. For years they struggled to feel like a real artist because they were self taught, until they decided to fully embrace the feeling and become Fake. 

They’ve been drawing as far back as they can remember. No piece of paper was safe. They’d started tattooing 6 years ago but went back to the drawing board to properly develop a unique art style, now they’re back and weirder than ever. Their artstyle is a mix of nostalgic cartoons, pop surrealist influences and cheeky references sprinkled in for those in the know. 

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