Poem by Emily Perkovich, Art by Maresa Axtmann

No disrespect but. I want you to milk me, I will pay if it is good like I imagine
God I’m going to fuck u
Lmu? I’ll pay
Hi, can you answer? Don’t be bitxh
Pls chat with me
Did you get my picture? I’m throbbing
Can I get a rating?
What that mouth do, lol
Babe did you read my mssg, I need to know what size plug you can take
I love your jiggly thighs with a tight ass
Damn, mama
Mom I’d like to fuck me lmao
You like when I make my girlfriend bitch watch?
Fucking bjtxh
Fuck you
I want to fuck that tight pink pussy.
All them tats? You a masochist? You kinky like that?
I want to break your skin
Send pics?
I wanna fuck that mouth
Please forgive me for what I’m about to say, I’d love to go down on you kiss lick and suck on
your sweet pussy clit and ass for an hour or longer and just watch your facial expressions and
listen to the sounds you’d be making
So hot, kinky, tease. Send more , but free tits and asshole
Do you want to see the penis?
Next time you post a tease I will fuck you until you bleed

Yeah baby you want that thick cock. Send me a voice clip moaning.
Let me lick that drippy cunt
Fuck me
God I want to fuck you
Are you looser after kids? If so I’ll need the asshole
Dear, pls answe
You just fucking want money
I will spread you til it hurts
Fat bitch with small tits
I want to break your jaw apart with my dick
I’m biting your nipples and my cock slips into your ass
I’m going to fuck your ass until you shit and then I make you lick my dick
Babe, you’re making me hard
But why you no a squirter? I’m not pay for no squirting.
Your tattoos make me cum
Can I use you for my art?
Puke on my dick, dirty girl!
Baby, I want to give you rope burn
You are imaging, I spread you open, tongue slips in slit, you drip into your own ass, I shove my
fingers in two knuckles and I circle your clit, and you want me so much and I will not untie you
because we are edging and I will never let you cum and so I push my cock into your mouth until
I feel it is hot at the back of your throat and your so sexy and I push your head into my shaft and
explode but you still cant cum
I want to lick between your toes while you’re tied down and can’t escape
No thinking. Just enjoy my force.
Bet you stink though!!!!!
Baby, I just drooled on my cock thinking of your pussy

I want to hurt you
Your not a sugar baby just gold digging cunt
I’ll pay 2k a week for just talk dirty, no nudes, just make me cum
Babe, I wanna bust it on that pretty face
Lemme smoke in that pussy hole
Don’t wanna reply? Or to busy with other stuff or people??
Cant decide if your nipples or pussy excite me more
pussy looks delicious, want to lick on suck on those beautiful pussy lips and clit, then replace
that plug with my tongue..
I want to ask you a thing, when I fkkk you will you cry around my dick?
I truly love your perfect shaped ass
I forgot my password. Just snd free pics please?
we can see that absolutely gorgeous perfect amazing pussy
Butt plugs are my fave! You’ve got me so thick right nowwwwwww
Hello, would you like to try drp with me? Please, free pls
Pussysoyummy pusyyummmmmy
I want to spread you pussy as wide as this mouth of yours
Y u not let me drink your milk, mommy
I want to fuck you.
I want fuck you..
I fuck u?
When we fuck?
I want to fuck you!
Damn so sexyyyy
Guess you’re not interested sorry to have bothered you

About The Writer

Emily Perkovich is from the Chicago-land area. She is the Editor in Chief of Querencia Press, an art evaluator with Persephone’s Daughter, and on the Women in Leadership Advisory Board with Valparaiso University. Her work strives to erase the stigma surrounding trauma victims and their responses. Her piece This is Performance-Art was a finalist for the 50th New Millennium Writings Award and she is a 2021 Best of the Net nominee. She is previously published with Harness Magazine, Coffin Bell Journal, and Awakened Voices among others. She is the author of the poetry collections Godshots Wanted: Apply Within (Sunday Mornings at the River) & The Number 12 Looks Just Like You (Finishing Line Press), baby, sweetheart, honey (Alien Buddha Press) as well as the novella Swallow. DMs is a poem from baby, sweetheart, honey July 16 2023.

About the Artist

Maresa Axtmann is a German artist who works primarily is collage. She is a member of the Cream Scene Team, working in The Art Department.

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