Punk Rock Valentines

Finally…the full set.

Jesse Davis Karshner made these special for you Cream Sceners, so pass ’em to your punks.

To see how Katy gussied the valentines with jewels and glitter, or for a file to the full set, take this link.

About The Artist

Jesse Davis Karshner is an independent artist who explores punk, literature, sexuality/sex, music and love in his art. Self taught artist who works out of California. His work can be seen on instagram and VSCO (posthunk). His favorite thing to do on Valentine’s Day is listen to Nico’s version of My Funny Valentine on repeat.

4 responses to “Punk Rock Valentines”

  1. MR. OMAR KING Avatar

    WOW! I am impressed!
    Congrats and my sincerities to the artist and his art! 👏👏☮️👁🤡👍

  2. Christopher Ford Avatar
    Christopher Ford

    The Arm has me spellbound but the Ice Queen has my heart! You can hide your genetics under drastic cosmetics. But this chameleon magic is renowned to be tragic! 😀 Awesome collection! Congratulations Jesse

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