Suitcase Circus

Model, Sophia Lucia
Body painter, Elvis Simon
Photographer, Dorothee Sarah

In a revealing series of photographs, we glimpse the artist. Sophia Lucia exposes a familiar tension. What is it to be an artist? We are each our own one-suitcase circus, in and out of the real world, and balancing dual impulses. We walk the tightrope between being the seers and being seen.


In “For Our Next Trick,” we’ll explore these ideas through a number of pieces. Freak Show Cabaret will show up more than once. (Sophia Lucia, with her photographer Dorothee Sarah. Plus, an unnamed feline collaborator.) Tune into tomorrow for a Sunday AM Punk Rock Gospel which celebrates a song by Sophia Lucia. You’ll meet another character in this same circus.

Can’t wait?

Sophia made you a playlist.

About Sophia Lucia

Sophia Lucia is an experimental writer, performer, and musician. She is based out of Chicago & Paris. She makes conversational and surrealistic Punk-Cabaret/Rock & Roll Americana music. She writes and produces a one-woman show entitled, ‘Freak Show Cabaret!’ which is a variety show of theatre, poetry, dance, performance art, music, and miscellaneous etcetera. 

About Dorothee Sarah

Dorothee Sarah is a photographer based out of Montreuil, France. She works with and develops analog film, including cyanotypes. 

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