For Our Next Trick

Hello, Valentines,

“For Our Next Trick” is on its way.

It’ll kick it off official, tomorrow morning, with a Sunday AM Punk Rock Gospel, and last all month long. A treat might leak out tonight, just because we’re so eager to share things (like this stunning cover series by a Paris photographer, who captured French circus performers displaced by Covid.)

We stepped up our lit game with 30 works of fiction and poetry, including a line-up of mag editors. We have interviews, original music, visual poems, textiles, masks, kink, comics and fashion. There’s columns, new and old: 5 punk gospels, your favorite satanist, the stoner chef and the sex ed time traveler, plus Bill High The Nigh Guy with weed science. A trans activist brings you sex toy reviews. We get crafty with collages and zines, while sharing fiction about enchanted pens and voyeuristic crayons.

There’s DIYs: collage quilt, sticker halter top & paper surgery. There’s multiple playlists such as “Break Up Sex” and “Anything But Love Songs.” It’s an absolute bonanza of cool. We are a talented community, spread over the globe, across 20+ countries, and we’ve got 75+ of your creations to share throughout the next month.

A few pieces a day. 🎪🎪🎪 Get ready to be impressed by your fellow artists, to be inspired, and to make new friends.

But first, let’s applaud The Cream Scene Team for pulling off this next trick. Thank you Sean, Marz, Kiki, Maresa, Jesse, Frank, Sabrine, Gwendolyn, Chris, Anthony, Maggie, Charlie, Toni, Leija, Bethany and Catherine.

All of our love, our gratitude, and our awe,

Dia (EiC) & Katy (Co-Editor & Art Director)

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