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Thank you to all of the artists who contributed to Chaos On Earth.

Thank you for sharing your art and your spirits. Thank you for celebrating the holidays with us. Thank you for collaborating on this crazy magazine and making our weirdo hearts soar.

Pink Milk Drink

@pinkmilkdrink is obsessed with pink. And repetition. And absurdity. All of which pair nicely with obsession. Her favourite Christmas movie is Rudolph.

Kizzy Von Darling

Kizzy Von Darling lives a charmed life in The Dainty Dolls House. She is exceptionally artistic, exudes glamour, and believes in making dreams become reality. When she is not pottering in the garden she designed, she is extremely busy with her three genius daughters or dreaming up her next creation. She is sassy yet charming with a blog and an amazing Insta, which are most definitely worth checking out to get a glimpse of the glamorous fairy herself. Her favourite Christmas movie is The Grinch, or It’s a Wonderful Life if you want something heart-warming.

Cara Winsor Hehir

Cara Winsor Hehir lives a creative life. Her office is a bog, her boardroom is a stage. Her kitchen table her easel. She is learning to be an intersectional feminist and an accountable human, and messes up all the time. Cara works as a comedian, singer/songwriter, and visual artist. You can find her most days zooming around on her big, green bike. Or a home with her kevie, two tall teens, and a pissy tomcat.

Chef Sutton

Chef Sutton has been in the culinary world for over twenty years and has led his own team for over ten, with an award-winning restaurant. It all began in Austin in 2012 with a food truck—Gonzo—that paid homage to both Hunter Thompson and The Muppets. A counter-culture blend he swears by. His favorite Christmas movie is Bad Santa.

Gina Falange

Gina Falange uses art to escape chronic illness and the world we live in. Through AI, she can retreat to the past, to a time before she got sick, when things were different for her. She has a big love for the ’80s and vintage illustration. She loves Garfield and The Golden Girls.

Francesca Leader

Francesca Leader is a self-taught writer and artist originally from Western Montana. She likes to explore and experiment in all genres and across genres, and she enjoys the idea of never writing the same way twice. Her fiction and creative nonfiction have appeared or are forthcoming in Wigleaf, Fictive Dream, Barren, the J Journal, CutBank, Leon Literary, Apex Magazine, Anti-Heroin Chic, JMWW, and elsewhere. Her poetry is published or forthcoming in the Frost Meadow Review, Harpy Hybrid Review, Pluiva Litmag, A Thin Slice of Anxiety, and the Stoneboat Literary Journal, among others. Her favourite Christmas movie is The Hunger Games, as a result of a family tradition with her daughter.

Jonathan Sandoval

Jonathan Sandoval is a multimedia artist from Argentina.

Omar King

Omar King is an artist from California, and he is autistic. He makes digital and physical art pieces, mainly of the physical variety, out of cereal boxes and other cardboard. He finds them to be cheaper than the art materials the stores are selling these days. So, he uses Crayons and markers and cardboard, and combines them all together to make a MASTERPIECE! His favourite Christmas movie is Gremlins 2 (the one where they go to New York City), even though it’s not set at Christmas, because it makes him feel warm this time of year.

Lauren Klein

Fruit Stains is a writer and illustrator from Toronto. Her weekly neurotica-filled newsletter will reassure you that someone out there is more fucked up than you. Until December 25th, her obsessive brain will be thinking of nothing else but Fruit Cake. Read more at

Mary Knott & Beppi

Mary Knott & Beppi are sisters who originally hail from a small town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. When they were able to, they escaped. Both of them ended up in Baltimore City. Mary Knott is a prolific writer; her work has been published in a variety of places, and she has done spoken word performances in venues all over. Beppi is an accomplished artist, showing in galleries, doing commissions, and various illustration jobs. They pooled their talents to make comics decades ago. Their combined efforts have appeared in numerous anthologies around the world, as well as their self-published Pretty Beaver series. They laugh together all the time

Nil & Karin Romano

Nil and Karin Romano are twin painters based in Tel Aviv.

Gina Falange

Gina Falange uses art to escape chronic illness and the world we live in. Through AI, she can retreat to the past, to a time before she got sick, when things were different for her. She has a big love for the ’80s and vintage illustration. She loves Garfield and The Golden Girls.

Sean Kirkpatrick

Sean Kirkpatrick is an Australian artist and creator of comics such as “Baddies,” as well as the short graphic novel “The Days.” This piece was a collaboration between the artist and a spilled cup of joe.

Sean is Cream Scene Carnival’s Video & Multimedia Editor. If you have a wacky project for Sean, nntroduce yourself!

Andy Peters

Andy Peters is an artist and Gentleman of Leisure. Before that, he was the Microphone Holder for The Andy Peters Show, one of San Francisco’s premiere local bands from the ’90s to the early 2000s. It was also a cable access program that ran around the same time. Andy was a contestant on Gordon Ramsay’s Master Chef. This piece is titled “Crusty old bearded billy goat on the side of a craggly mountain chewing on a World War II era tin of baked beans,” and is a portrait of his wife, Kristin.

Andie Flores

Andie Flores is a performance artist in Austin, Texas, who uses embarrassment as a medium for investigating hyper, almost obsessive, visibility in a racialized body. Her work has been shown at Presa House Gallery, The Museum of Human Achievement, Ivester Contemporary, MASS Gallery, Future Front Film Fest, Contrast Film Festival, Fusebox Festival, and The Dallas Latino Cultural Center.

About the Artist

Katy Somerville was beamed into existence on a Monday night in the mid-eighties by stars, glitter, and a glorious Italian woman from a long line of very strong women. In the present timeline, she likes to drink coffee, pat any animal that will engage with her, make collages, and spend time laughing and finding moments of joy wherever she can with her partner and her goofy, lanky dog.

Katy is Cream Scene Carnival’s Art Director. Introduce yourself!


@scribberls writes songs for a punk band called baby shower. She doesn’t really like wearing shoes and does like eating flour straight from the bag.

Blatant Space

“If everything is, then nothing is.”

FR Anderson II

FR Anderson II is a self-described “neo-hedonist” and member of The Satanic Temple. His column is “Devilish.”

Frank is a columnist & staff writer for Cream Scene Carnival.


Sabrine, the author’s nom de guerre, is a trained and certified sex educator.  When she isn’t teaching, writing sex-ed curricula, or singing the praises of non-hormonal birth control, she can be found traipsing around the Midwest looking for furniture to refinish, garden supplies, and dog food.

Her column is Whorticulture.

Sabrine is a columnist at Cream Scene Carnival. Have a sex-ed question for Sabrine?

Caitlin Andrews

Caitlin (Cait) Andrews is an English Literature and Philosophy undergraduate, freelance copy editor, writer of ham-fisted poetry, and serial kitsch enthusiast. Her work can be found in a variety of online journals, including Antipoetry Magazine, Soft Sound Press, and Outlander Magazine, or shoved under the door of any executive editors in a ten-mile radius. She is not a success.

Neptunian Glitter Ball

Neptunian Glitter Ball is a Bay Area-based Creative Director.

Sara Streule

Where Sara is, there is colour. Sara is a creative dreamer and a poet who creates an army of different versions of herself in letters and pictures. Since she was a kid, she was told that she was strange. Sara translated it into the liberty of not being afraid to be whatever she wanted to be in her wildest dreams. She studied design and works as a creative director in branding; therefore, it seemed natural to turn herself into a brand too. Sara’s aesthetic is a vivid mix of retro-futurism, science fiction, pop art, fashion madness and influences from her cosmopolitan background.

Laura Spiess

Lara Spiess lives with her boyfriend and two cheeky cats in Zofingen/Switzerland. For as long as she can remember, Laura has loved to be creative – whether it’s improving her drawing skills, printing shirts, bags & socks or making headpieces. She discovered her passion for make-up while still a child, practicing on her sisters. In 2015, she completed professional training at the Art Of Make-up School, where she has been an instructor since February 2022. In her spare time, she taught herself to do body & face paints. These and editorial looks are her favorite.

Tanja Gschwandl

The strength of the young photographer, Tanja Gschwandl, lies in the implementation and presentation of emotions. Whether happy, natural, gloomy and melancholic or shrill and loud, Tanja Gschwandl creates the respective mood with her models and captures it in pictures. She understands how to capture the small, often unnoticed moments in which the model is naturally with the camera. She develops concepts for clients that fit the theme and the individual requirements. If the right face for the campaign needs to be added, she can also help search for the perfect model.

Greta Schoop

Stylist. PS. Designer. Artist. Plus Size Model. Photographer.

Andreea Dumuta

Andreea Dumuta is a professional illustrator based in Romania. She is known for her use of bold color combinations and for combining dark themes with a whimsical and modern style. She is inspired by nature, pop culture and music.

The Paper Surgeon

The Paper Surgeon is Val, an Italian artist based in Amsterdam.

(See Val’s additions to the Christmas Movie list. They’re good!)


Muotikummitus, born 1971 in Finland, is an artist who works in a variety of media. Their work is based on DIY. Everything is done by themselves from designing the looks, making the outfits, hair and make-up, modeling and photography. They enjoy the search for different materials, upcycling secondhand materials and other finds. They get the inspiration from these, how to transform these old bits and bobs into something glamourous or fantastically weird. Their work focuses on alternative subcultures, fashion and gender. Muotikummitus likes to provoke with their work by challenging gender roles or stereotypes through playful and thought-provoking pieces. They also like to use working with various media as a way to investigate the process of working with different techniques or materials.

Dia VanGunten

Dia VanGunten’s current fiction project is Pink Zombie Rose which can be read, in part, at Apple In The Dark, Caustic Frolic, Fatal Flaw, Funemployment Press, Open Sewers, NoNothing Magazine, 100 Subtexts, Viridian Door’s X. Many of these stories are illustrated by comic artist Beppi.  

Her CNF can be found in Blue Bob Anthology, Caustic Frolic, Cream Scene Carnival, Cringe, Deadbeat Poets, Dreams In Hiding, In The Mood Magazine, Kinda Weird Mag, Polyester, Run Amok Books, Soft Star and Solstice Lit.

Dia is founder and EiC of Cream Scene Carnival and she’s been running this site, off and on, since 2009. She is the juggler, the clown and fill-in staff writer. (Help!) If you get a 2am message from someone who thinks you’d be perfect for the next issue, you’re probably talking to Dia. Typo-ridden acceptance letter? Definitely Dia.

If you think this page is long, wait til you see the Artist’s Page in The Valentine’s Issue. “For Our Next Trick” arrives on February 1st and the tricky, kinky, lovely, crafty weirdness lasts all month.

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