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Neptunian Glitter Ball


By definition, “art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.” Someone once said that “art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” Art is supposed to make you feel something, to provoke an emotion. If it’s socially acceptable to consider a banana taped to a wall “art” and sell it for $120k, why are artificial intelligence-produced visuals such a taboo? After all, they tick all the right boxes.

The whole “in the style of” crap is obviously frustrating, but I don’t believe it will replace original artists or handmade crafts. What I find extremely interesting, however, is exploring ways to make this technology an added tool to the arsenal of our every day “crayon box.” As a creative, I have to admit that there’s a certain level of anxiety in witnessing such a fast-paced evolution when it comes to AI artwork, but curiosity and fascination for these emerging tools are by far superior. Photography was labeled as a hack for talentless artists back in the 1800s, and I remember the same being said about Photoshop when people started moving towards digital. AI is here to stay after all; we might as well embrace this new world and have fun with it.

About the Artist & Author

Neptunian Glitter Ball is a Bay Area-based Creative Director.

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