Rocky Horror

Written by Katy Somerville

Art by Katy Somerville

“This isn’t the junior chamber of commerce, Brad!”

I don’t remember seeing the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time, but when I was a wee young’un, we had an old video, taped from a legitimate video copy, that I watched a lot.

There were fun songs, which led a very young Katy to sing some vaguely interesting songs without knowing their meaning.

There were also a lot of sparkles, and Tim Curry had curly hair like my mum, so I liked that.

Then I grew up, and I liked him for very different reasons.

Picking a favourite moment from the movie took me more hours of watching and listening to Rocky Horror than I’m going to admit because I love it ever so much.

If I didn’t have to choose, it would be the whole thing, from start to finish.

But I’m honing in on this somewhat random moment, which barely features sparkles (except for the tantalising hint of the back of a shoe in an elevator), let alone anything debaucherous.

This very small scene, lodged between the Time Warp and one of my favourite dramatic entrances of a lead character, holds a special place in my heart and sparks immense amusement in my brain.

It became a much-repeated phrase between myself and one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Christi and I used this slightly hysterical sentence as a code term for “What the fuck is going on? I’m overwhelmed and want to leave!”

Or when we were being vaguely judgemental 20-year-old babies.

It is also tattooed on my upper arm, so I am forever reminded that this (as in me) isn’t the Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Runner-up favourite scenes: Planet, Schmanet, Janet, Planet Hotdog, Hot Patootie, and when Frank N Furter is wearing the leather jacket, holding a whip, smoking, singing, or just being onscreen.

The entire thing. It’s the entire thing. 

This isn’t the junior chamber of commerce, Cream Scene-rs. It’s too hard to decide!

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