Sugar Plum’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Written by Kizzy Von Doll

Art by Kizzy Von Doll

‘Tis a season filled with stress,
People flying everywhere—getting in a mess.
But as the temps drop and you’re feeling numb,
Here are some tips from your fave fairy, Sugar Plum.
Step one: bring some sparkle, add some fairy dust,
If in doubt, use glitter—a festive season must.
Step two: crank up the music and flutter around when you get the chance,
Or if you’re a mere mortal, perhaps just dance.
Step three: Let your wand recharge in some sunshine while you buzz with a bee,
Or at least go for a walk when it’s sunny—to get some vitamin D.
Step four: Make a to-do list to bite-size any tasks,
If possible, rope in helpers—and conjure them minion masks.
Step five: If all else fails, screw it—you’re a mystical fairy,
So wave your wand and have some fun—it’s the time to get merry…

About the Author

Kizzy Von Darling lives a charmed life in The Dainty Dolls House. She is exceptionally artistic, exudes glamour, and believes in making dreams become reality. When she is not pottering in the garden she designed, she is extremely busy with her three genius daughters or dreaming up her next creation. She is sassy yet charming with a blog and an amazing Insta, which are most definitely worth checking out to get a glimpse of the glamorous fairy herself.

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