Pruning Sugarplum

Art by Omar King

About the Artist

Omar King is an artist from California, and he is autistic. He makes digital and physical art pieces, mainly of the physical variety, out of cereal boxes and other cardboard. He finds them to be cheaper than the art materials the stores are selling these days. So, he uses Crayons and markers and cardboard, and combines them all together to make a MASTERPIECE!

8 responses to “Pruning Sugarplum”

  1. MR. OMAR KING Avatar

    Thanks for including me. I had the best time writing for you guys. More to come soon!!!! ☮️

    1. Cream Scene Carnival Avatar
      Cream Scene Carnival

      We are happy to have you, Omar!

  2. Kera Borges Avatar
    Kera Borges

    Omar you always impress me with your creations. Truly spectacular. One of my favorite artists! Keep making us smile, think, and imagine. You are truly magical ✨

    1. MR. OMAR KING Avatar

      Why, thank you very much, Ms. Kera! It was pleasure stopping by the bistro, seeing you and Ms. Paulette and Ms. Chasity again.


      I’m so glad you enjoyed my artwork!
      I am proud to say that Ms. Paulette and some other women were the inspiration of artwork. Little details correlates to em. I know Ms. Casey and Reimer and Susie and Christi and Gerri. H (from the prairie), and Marre, Georgie, Star Witch, Yetta Telebenda, and Star iPad Queen, and Ms. Vern and my momma, sister, and granny and also the men are all my muses! I APPRECIATE YOU ALL! Thank you for the encouragements and just sticking with me. It really makes a person worth waking up in the morning and keep going. Thank ya. ☮️❤️

  3. Debbie Villegas Avatar
    Debbie Villegas

    Omar I just love your artwork and stories.. You are truly talented.. I can’t wait to see more creations from you.. I am honored to know you!!❤️

    1. MR. OMAR KING Avatar

      Ms. Debbie,
      it’s pleasure reading and hearing from you.

      I am so glad you like it!

      Since you retired from Willenberg, it hasn’t been the same without you.

      I hope you’re doing alright?

      I saw Virginia and she said that you have a little black pooch. That is so neat! And it was also nice seeing that picture of your dog. What’s his or hers name if you don’t mind me asking?

      Also, more works are to come from through CREAM SCENE CARNIVAL; the Reddit joint, I frequent time to time; Instagram joint I post pictures of my bizarre art and other things (my other magnum -digital scrap book- opus) 24/7, binge posting; jeez what other place am I trailing around? I’m like a digital nomad, I’m all over the place!!! 😂.

  4. Susan Vasquez Avatar
    Susan Vasquez

    Omar you have so many talents, I love your art especially your cartoon people . The stories you write are so creative and fun to read, look forward to more of your wonderful talent!!

    1. MR. OMAR KING Avatar


      I want to thank you for helping me make an art portfolio out of green construction papers to store my art pieces back in 2019. As of right now, it’s getting full! And send word to Ms. Maria, Ms. Gloria, and Mr. Kevin that I say: “HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO” and that “MISS YA”LL VERY MUCH”!

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