Written by Francesca Leader

Art by Jonathan Sandoval


Using a cartoon pig to sell sausage

Is A Lot Like

Using an animated mouse in a rat poison ad

and A Lot Like

Using an inflatable turkey to shill for Thanksgiving

and A Lot Like

Using a landscape mural to dress up the side of a lumber mill

and A Lot Like

Using a woman with body dysmorphia and abandonment issues (who always falls for the wrong kind of man*) as a model at a gun show.

*The kind of man who collects assault rifles and who thinks women owe him sex because he’s got urges that are their fault, not his, and who believes women need a little slapping around now and then to keep them in their place, and who won’t let any woman leave him until he’s good and done with her.

About the Author

Francesca Leader is a self-taught writer and artist originally from Western Montana. She likes to explore and experiment in all genres and across genres, and enjoys the idea of never writing the same way twice. Her fiction and creative nonfiction have appeared or are forthcoming in Wigleaf, Fictive Dream, Barren, the J Journal, CutBank, Leon Literary, Apex Magazine, Anti-Heroin Chic, JMWW, and elsewhere.

About the Artist

Jonathan Sandoval is a freelance illustrator and collage artist from Argentina.

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